Brevard Zoo – Happy Sweet 16 Katie !!

Brevard Zoo – Happy Sweet 16 Katie !!

Katie the white-nosed coatimundi recently celebrated her 16th birthday with her very own car, made by Brevard Zoo volunteers!

Coati’s life expectancy is about 7-8 years in the wild and about 14 years in human care, making Katie a geriatric Zoo resident. The staff at the Brevard Zoo in Florida regularly assess’ Katie’s quality of life and look into ways to make her more comfortable.

Ramps have been added to her habitat which make it easier for Katie to explore her habitat if she chooses. She has also been trained to enter a secure carrier to be easily taken to our animal hospital for exams.

Katie currently shares her habitat with 11-year-old coati Lupita, but this may change soon. Continue reading about Katie’s Birthday celebrations here.


Image Credit : Brevard Zoo