How can I participate?

Your imagination is the limit!!

  • Share your facts/photos & videos on social media with the #worldcoatiday and Tag us in your posts!
  • Fundraise for either of our major partners; the Bioparque Reserva or the Rainforest Trust
  • Fundraise for your local zoo/wildlife park to upgrade their exhibits, provide them with new enrichment or donations of food.
  • Zoos can participate with keeper talks/ animal encounters/ naming (or other) competitions/ be a Coati keeper for a day Etc.

Click HERE to see our World Coati Day Handbook – A Full Guide to Celebrating WCD

Why should I participate?

The conservation and awareness of endangered and high-risk animals is an important mission.

As humans, we rely heavily on a thriving ecosystem. Maintaining a well-balanced ecosystem requires the conservation of endangered species, as they all play a vital role.

Learning about the Coatimundi and spreading that information is a useful way to help save them from endangerment and possible extinction.

I can’t go to South America. Where can I see a Coati?

Contact your local zoo. Most zoos have the white or brown-nosed Coatis.

Check out our list of participants for some zoos that hold Coatis.

How do I register my interest?

Tag/DM us on social media or email us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

What Is WCD?

Each year on December 3rd, we stop to recognise and create conservative awareness for all species of Coatimundi.

WCD is right in the middle of breeding season; creating awareness during their most critical time of the year.

We share their beauty and facts about them over social media with the #worldcoatiday.

Do you have merchandise?

Yes we have our own merch! However, at the moment due to shipping costs, they are limited to Australia where we were first based. Stay tuned for 2023!

We have also recently partnered with Wendy Barnes Designs. Wendy makes a wide range of fun sustainably made reusable products. 10% from the profits are donated to WCD to pass on to help support our protected Coati reserves in Columbia

Can I find WCD on social media?

Yes, find us on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

What do I do if I find an injured Coati?

Call your closest animal rescue hotline.

Do not approach the Coati if it appears stressed and aggressive.

Monitor from a distance. Keep yourself safe first!

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