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Countdown Until World Coati Day

2023/12/03 08:00:00

Today Is World Coati Day!

Quick Facts About Coatis

We can rotate our ankles 180 degrees to descend down trees headfirst.

Our closest relatives are Raccoons.

The Males are solitary, but the Females will live in bands of up to 30 members.

Baby Coatis are called kittens.

Coatis are diurnal.

Which means we sleep night, (high up in the trees) and we’re active during the day.

About World Coati Day

Each year on December 3rd, we stop to recognise and create conservative awareness for all species of Coatimundi. World Coati Day is right in the middle of breeding season; creating awareness during their most critical time of the year. We share their beauty and facts about them over social media with the #worldcoatiday.

It started with just my voice, and now we have the support of multiple zoos, zookeepers, bloggers and many individuals, with over 800 followers on our social media.

The Types of Coatis


Brown Nosed Coati


White Nosed Coati


Eastern Mountain Coati


Western Mountain Coati

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Where You Can Find a Coati

Where You Can Find a Coati

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