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Biopark & Reserve – Cota, Columbia

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Bioparque La Reserva Foundation is the only known institution in the world working with the Western Mountain Coati for more than 10 years. This helps contribute knowledge to scientifically preserve and conserve the world’s Western Mountain Coati population. Donations are vital to power this project for studies, species education, and conservation and preservation of the Mountain Coati and the entire mountain ecosystems around the country. Donations will be divided into three sections. 33% for Mountain Restoration Project. 33% for the Coati Project. 33% for other animals and habitats in the Bioparque.

The Rainforest Trust has been working for over three decades to protect critical rainforests and tropical habitats to prevent deforestation. We are also assisting the Dracula Reserve Expansion Project, where 100% of the donations go directly to this project. This means that even a small donation can have a large impact ($20 protects 10 acres).

Here are some other ways you can help prevent their endangerment!

Create and spread awareness

Watch out on the roads when driving your car

Don’t buy them on the pet trade

Don’t eat them

Report injured wildlife to a rescue

Don’t feed wild coati’s. To avoid them developing a dependence.

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